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Aluminium Stairway Scaffolding 8m Tower Height


  • ACE Aluminium stairway scaffold tower is a professional solution using walk through frame with standard head clearance for safe entry and ascend to tower.
  • Integral stairway and hand rail isperfect for frequently moving up and down and transporting materials inside the tower.
  • Stairs are made of aluminiumantislip profiles of 13cm deep and clear width of 42cm making it easy to carry materials and tools.
  • Safe landing every 2m.
  • Safe working load of 270kg per platform level up to a maximum of 750kg per tower (including tower self-weight).
  • Easy assembly and dismantling of tower.
  • Easy detachable handrails available for both side of stairs.
  • Equipped with standard platform (2nos) and trapdoor platform (1no) provides a larger working area width of 200cm at the top working level, with easy attach toe boards.
  • Width available:1.4m,2m, Length available:2.5m, variable heights.
Our access equipment products are manufactured to BS EN.1004 Standard.


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