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  • Platform is made of aluminum extruded with anti slip plywood board to avoid any slip for working safely on the tower

  • Wooden Platforms are available in Two Types-Standard and Trapdoor

  • Platform is light weight with strong construction and can be carried by single person.

  • Platform is secured with wind anchor.

  • Trapdoor platform hinges allow user to climb through to reach desired working height.

  • Caster wheels 200mm has a foot operated dual brake system and can easliy be locked and released.

  • The Aluminum Spindle adjustment allow the tower to be position in perfect vertical manner and allow height to be adjusted if the tower to be errected on uneven ground.

  • Aluminium toe board is made of aluminium frame which prevent any tools or materials fall off from the platform.

  • Adjustable Stabaliser for various height with easy locking assembly clamps.

  • Triangular Stabaliser be quickly assembled and adjusted in a telescopic manner.
  • The rigid PVC Material of the stabalizer supple foot rest provides additional safety against the stabalizer sliding off.

  • Four stabalizers are needed for free standing and gives the tower additional stability

  • stabalizers are available in standard,telescopic and jumbo.

  • Braces are colour coded for horizontal (green)and diagonal(red) to identify easly.

  • Braces are welded not crimped inorder to provide secure connection and proper function.

  • Heavy duty claws on braces with fast release clip – trigger mechanism

  • Integral stairway and handral system is ideal for frequent and safe ascends and descends inside the tower

  • Safe and simple to transport equipments on a stairway scaffold tower.

  • Easy assembly.

  • Equipped with antislip profile stairs.

  • Equipped with standing platform on top side.

  • Equipped with windlock security system

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