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Ace is one of the leading UAE manufacturer, Exporter, Innovator of new products and supplier of Mobile Aluminium Access Towers and Access equipment, providing solutions for professional's working at height also low level folding units and podiums to meet requirements of both interior and exterior users.

As scaffold manufacturers, we pride ourselves in manufacturing premium quality products with precision, crafted for a longer lifespan and greater ease of assembly.

The company's commitment to supplying high quality scaffold, backed by great customer service, has won it a nation wide reputation for effeciency and reliability. All the products in their range meet high safety standards and are checked and tested before dispatch.

Our objective is to provide you with the service needed to meet your goals. Our scaffold towers are ideal for interior and exterior use, supplied ready to erect with speed and effeciency, resulting in cost saving through labour and scheduling.

Our access equipment products are manufactured to BS EN.1004 Standard.

Ace has a special department comprising of specialists in custom-made scaffolds who, along with the customer, look for the best and safest solution for working at height.

Our presistent research and design in aluminum scaffold will continue to keep us on the leading edge of technology and our innovative products will ensure strong growth.

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We are a perceived association of the business, engaged with assembling and providing an exemplary cluster of Industrial Products. Offered items are exceptionally valued for its high strength and magnificent completion.


ACE, as its name proposed, is designed to be fast and easy to introduce, decreasing nearby postponements and at last the expense of work.


ACE offers solid Aluminum scaffolding Rental Services strong across UAE that incorporate proficient and safe availability with practical arrangements.


Leading from the front by an accomplished supervisory crew, ACE has immovably settled itself as one of the pioneer scaffolding Manufacturer and leading Exporter.


Aluminum scaffolding are a lot more secure in this way, the possibility of tumbling down from the top is limited and laborers would have the option to with no issue.


Mobile scaffolding are effectively portable starting with one spot then onto the next. Since, there are wheels appended to the base of the platform it very well may be moved with basic push or pull.


The greater part of the occasions the scaffold structure is made of durable yet light material, for example, aluminum pipes which help in keeping the whole platform light.


STEP - 1

STEP - 1

Fit a Horizontal (short) support onto the vertical individual from one casing, resting straightforwardly onto projecting at the principal level crosspiece position. Guarantee that the sprung trigger face to the outside of the tower.

STEP - 2

STEP - 2

Join a respectable halfway point casing to first guaranteeing the support hook again rests straightforwardly onto rear entryway projecting. Fit second level support in a related position.

STEP - 3

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Fit the first corner to corner support pair from first to the third crosspiece as near the vertical part upstanding cylinder as could reasonably be expected. Fit the second slanting support pair on the opposite side of the tower the other way.

STEP - 4

Ideal Products

Find a temporary stage on the second crosspiece of the tower and introduce the second lift of edge guaranteeing stepping stool line up. The wind lock gadget will consequently lock-in.

STEP - 5

Ideal Products

Proceed with stages 3 and 4 until tallness is required. Join one stabilizer to each edge of the tower and each support and collect guardrails and stage.

We are well versed in selling, renting, erection services and certification of Aluminium scaffolding and steel scaffolding at a reasonable price in the exceptionally brief time frame range . We offer our products all over UAE.

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