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Cantilever Mobile Scaffold Tower

Cantilever Scaffold Tower overcome obstacles eg. machinery, porches etc. that are underneath the wroking area,Double Width scaffold towers can be converted to provide access up to 1.25m outside the tower handrail by using a cantilever section.

  • Uses only 3 specialist components - cantilever frame, swivel couplers and infill decks

  • 2 deck lengths - 1.4 and 2.5m

  • Toeboard system provides trip free access

  • Horizontal braces used as guard rails

  • Cantilever Scaffold tower has all the solutions if you have obstacles that are physically in the way such as something large and immovable properties like porch or machinery or just simply uneven ground.

    The section comes in pieces and can be added to an existing scaffold tower. The cantilever scaffold tower is just as stable and eliminates the risk of a fall from height. The cantilever offers you complete freedom and safety to carry out your job with total piece of mind. Just like the standard towers.

    The cantilever scaffold tower is a cost effective solution to a range of problems, it offers access to all unreachable exterior areas allowing professionals to reach over fixed equipments and gain access to shop front canopies where a standard tower is not possible.

    Cantilever scaffold towers are easy to erect and best part is completely interchangeable with standard fittings which enables to adjust to fit the job at hand.

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