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Bridge Mobile Scaffold Tower

Ace Bridge Scaffold towers offers large working area which link two ladder span towers to provide uninterrupted safe working area.

The equipment is ideal for proffessionals who need to fit huge beams in the ceilings and they need a steady, secureplatform that is easy to erect.

The bridge scaffold tower offers a huge working area by effectively joining two standard scaffold towers to form a longwide bridge.

The bridge beam scaffold tower can even be used over conservatories and other immoveable objects when you need direct access overhead.

The standard scaffold tower offers an easy-to-build system using colored braces which lock into place so it can only be put together safely and correctly with no errors and you don't need special tools or experience.

Working at height is an occupational hazard when it comes to the building and construction industry. Health and safety is at the forefront of all good construction proffessionals concern and sometimes you need a little extra help when it comes to reaching those high areas.

A first-time user should easily be able to erect this scaffold tower within an hour.

Working length 7.5 meter and platform height 8 meter

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