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Folding Podium Step Tower

Podium steps are so much better than stepladders: they offer trouble free and secure access to ceilings and walls The working at height regulations re commend working from platforms that "allow the person to adopt the correct work position or posture for the work in hand", which is exactly what podium steps offer. Stepladders bully workers to over-stretch, twist or hunch over to get the job done, where as podium steps are safer and provide a much better working environment, allowing the contractor to move naturally.Podium steps is better in terms of safety, but also give you the competitive edge. A comfortable contractor will finish the job in much less time and are likely to do it better.Many site contractors expect subcontractors to use podium steps and not turn up with stepladders. This makes sites safer and, of course, encourages a more proffessional approch to work. Podiums steps is easy and affordable.Podium steps resembles the stepladder and comes as a one - piece item, which folds so it's easy to carry.

They are the same height as a regular set of steps, but, to provide a solid base, they are wider.The steps stand on the wide, wheeled base. The wheels lock solidly in to place provide stability and confidence at any height. With a guardrail and gate protecting you from any falls and ready to use in less than 15 seconds, so there is very little time between setting up and starting a comfortable day's work.With lockable wheels on the base and narrow enough to fit through a standard door the podium s teps enable you to easily access all of your work without having to shunt and carry tools and materials between areas of work, simply push the whole platform to the next section and carry on work

  • Width Available 0.60 & 0.80 meter.

  • Platform heights available 1.00 & 1.50 meter.

  • Length Available 1.50 meter.

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